3 types of breast pumps

3 types of breast pumps

3 types of breast pumps

So you’re in the market for a breast pump. On the way to find one you discover there are many different types of breast pumps on the market. In this post we will discuss 3 types of breast pumps so that you can pick the best breast pump for you.

Manual pump

The manual breast pump is powered by pumping with your hand. These are generally the cheapest to buy because they require the most work. You can easily find these on Amazon or eBay under $20. You can learn more about how to use a manual breast pump here.

Electric breast pump

These are better quality than the manual pumps because they are built using good parts. The electric breast pumps are powered by batteries or an AC outlet. The best past about these are the suction is usually much stronger and can bring a higher supply of milk. These make things easier with a newborn.

Hospital grade breast pump

Hospital grade breast pumps are the strongest and most reliable pump. The best part about hospital grade pumps is because of the closed circulation design, they can be shared without worry of spreading bacteria or germs. The only downside to hospital grade pumps is that they generally cost much more


Breast pumps are great. They are some of the most useful maternity related technologies available, and is definitely an item moms should consider buyingmoms should consider buying. If used right you can extract enough milk to nurture your baby while your gone, or to allow dad to help you feed. If you found these 3 types of breast pumps useful, then please share this post.


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