5 things new moms should buy

5 things new moms should buy

So you’re a new mom, we’ve been there and know how overwhelming it can be. For this reason, our team of mom experts have assembled to form this list of 5 things new moms should buy. We are fully aware that the list of things you will need will greatly exceed the things listed here but hey…children are expensive.

  1. Diapers – buy diapers in large quantities because your baby will always need a new diaper. Keep in mind that your baby is growing so don’t buy too many.
  2. Formula – This depends on preference if you plane to breast feed you can skip this one
  3. Baby tub – while some moms can wash their tots in a full size tub, it’s much easier to to have your child contained in one area at bath time.
  4. Diaper bag – in addition to your purse it’s s good idea to get a diaper bag to keep a ready to go supply of baby essentials on deck ready for the world.
  5. Wipes – while some mothers will insist on using wash clothes, wipes are a truly convenient solution that is also disposable. If you are concerned about the effect on the environment you can purchase biodegradable wipes.

As you can see the items listed will make your life easier and are truly considered necessities. Having these items in bulk can save you time and money. I highly recommend getting yourself a membership at one of the big box warehouse savings clubs such as Sams Club or Costco. If you found this list of 5 things new moms should buy helpful please take a moment to tell your friends about our blog.

Below is another list of another 10 baby essentials that you need to consider when you are about to give birth to a new born.


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